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East County Home Show

Welcome to the First Annual East County Home Show!
Our goal for this show is to help local businesses, offering services related to the home showcase products and services to your local target market at a low cost.
The current economic situation has helped make people more conscious of where they spend their money. Many consumers want to do business locally and thus help support the local economy. Take advantage of this change in mindset and market to local home owners by being a part of our First Annual East County Home Show.
We have a broad range of vendors so you won’t want to miss it. We’ve got it covered from masons to mortgages!
Participate as a vendor this year and when you sign up to be a vendor again next year your registration fee will not increase!
Booths are going quickly! Contact us to reserve your space. 971.235.3120 or apickett@i4mktg.com.

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